Barge –ing In To Long Eaton

You left me in my last post drinking Espresso Martinis, Keg Greene King and watching delighted Nottingham Forest fans throw shapes to the likes of Dee Lite and The Spice Girls. The reason for this frivolity was the fact the tricky trees had beaten the Midlands biggest club – Birmingham City – 2-0 and climbed… Continue reading Barge –ing In To Long Eaton

Football Awaydays: Nottingham

You’ve got to love a football awayday…Every Saturday thousands of punters across various leagues at different levels will spend a day out on the lash watching their team play. There is no sport quite like it in Britain in terms of spectator numbers and the fact is that most bloggers are intertwined with a football… Continue reading Football Awaydays: Nottingham

Jolly Hockey Sticks In Beeston

A short post here but it just feels like a day I should be reporting from Nottingham…Prime time national TV and Forest playing Liverpool in the FA Cup may be the reason the city centre is packed but Beermat junior’s sporting exploits saw me in nearby Beeston earlier today. A hockey tournament at Beeston HC… Continue reading Jolly Hockey Sticks In Beeston