Lovely Lichfield

My recent spate of estate pub posts has drawn some interesting responses on Twitter with Stuart confirming the Dr Johnson in Lichfield is a lively old boozer indeed.

Paul WME also verified the cask ale was top notch…

…. but this blog doesn’t limit itself to just backstreet lively pubs.

I was, of course expecting a ‘Disgusted from Youlgreave” letter to be landing on my doormat this morning but I think the Bank Holiday Post means The Wickingman’ s missive might be delayed.

If I don’t visit at least one gastro pub in five then Ian is straight into the Blogging Board of Complaints (BBC) whilst Russ refuses to comment if there are too many estate pubs.

So, to appeal to my higher stratosphere readers, not forgetting Retired Martin of course who is currently eating Eggs Benedict alongside his flat white at a posh ‘Spoons no doubt, here is my latest offering.

628 – Lichfield Sports Club WS13 7SQ is not a million miles geographically from Dr. Johnson but far more reflective of pukka Lichfield with a cricket, hockey, Round Table Football and (Whittington) rugby club all under one roof.

I had taken one of my ankle biters for a hockey session so had a bit of time to kill and what better way than to watch Lichfield Nomads CC in action.

The clash with Sutton D2 Police CC drew in a crowd of around nine but they had heard I was coming so very kindly opened the bar and put some top-notch cask ale on.

Country Rose (Gentlewood Brewery) is a local brew from Rugeley and was perfect as I sat and watched as the Nomads struggled to just over a ton as wickets tumbled at regular intervals.

The main reason I love cricket is that it attracts all shapes and sizes and there appeared to be a lot of Paul WME and Neil’s mob from the Back Country playing as well.

There was a classic line from one of the scorers when he said, “You were bowled by him?  Really? To his flustered mate who had been bowled by arguably the oldest participant.

Anyway, a cracking little set up and a terrific way to while away a couple of hours on a Sunday.  The sun is shining, pubs are starting to reopen and you can’t beat a well run sports club for a tot in the sun.

Twitter revealed that the Nomads actually went on to win the game but in the true spirit of cricket I would imagine a lot of the players were checking out the Country Rose and exchanging banter/stories.

Summer time in the Midlands – what’s not to like?

11 thoughts on “Lovely Lichfield

      1. How often do these clubs play cricket? Also I am curious who they play? Is the match between members of the same club?

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      2. The Nomads are a bit like the Harlem Globetrotters Dave. A series of friendlier against other clubs as opposed to playing against the same team every time.
        Very much social cricket and they are homeless officially…hence the name 👍


  1. Beermat I see that the Nomad’s Jimmy Cogzell celebrated his impressive and economical 5 wicket haul in the traditional manner by holding the ball aloft. Do you think a beer drinking equivalent is something to consider and if so, noting responsibility is the bedrock of this blog, what should the milestones be?

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    1. That’s the sort of highbrow question this blog needs and duly noted! I think five pints should be celebrated by holding up five beermats…. ten pints should be celebrated by drinking it whilst doing a handstand and anything beyond should be celebrated by being carried aloft by co drinkers in the pub👌

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      1. I think finding the holy trinity of Bass, Doom Bar, and John Smiths Smooth on the same bar is the equivalent of a five wicket haul.

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