Larking Around In Studley

You left me extolling the virtues of a British Legion in Alrewas so in keeping with the random nature of this blog, it is time to visit Studley.

Where is Studley I hear you cry?  It’s on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border although everyone knows Warwickshire is the West Midlands according to Hugh Johns Star Soccer rules (80s’ Midlands football show – do keep up).

It’s pretty much the next conurbation along from Redditch and if that doesn’t leave you excited, I don’t know what will.

Russ of course would have stopped reading by now as the Alcester Road isn’t the A514, whilst Tamworth Mark believes Redditch is the third best Birmingham overspill after Tamuff and Chelmsley Wood so will have tuned out.

Nonetheless, in my bid to earn a lucrative new contract with the Studley Tourist board, second only in popularity to the Shirley Tourist Board in the West Midlands; I am compelled to write about Studley boozers.

Therefore, without further ado, it’s time for a Sunday afternoon trip to 692 – The Little Lark B80 7NP. Apparently, it used to a Mad O’Rourke pub and has been in the GBG before so Duncan and Martin will probably have been here, but it’s tucked away and has the feel of a proper local pub.

The accents were treacle thick Brummie and I managed to find a seat amongst the lively chatter of a locals boozer whilst knocking back a pint of nectar.

(Hobson’s) Best Bitter was in cracking condition and the age range of punters was twenties through to seventies and there was a crackle in the air.

No hassle, a friendly gaffer, good beer and people clearly out to enjoy themselves – what more does a local pub need? 

Wherever you go in search of beer, however tucked away and unheralded the town/village/city is, it is always reassuring to see the Midlands has plenty of gems still on offer…

8 thoughts on “Larking Around In Studley

  1. Seems to have had a bit of a makeover inside and out since I was there in 2019, which is hardly surprising, a lot of pubs got refurbished during the lockdowns. Did you sit at the front? The handpumps seem to have been moved round the bar and I don’t remember those copper lamps hanging. I loved this pub back then, a proper friendly locals pub with really good locally beer and jars of homemade Whisky Marmalade to buy on the bar..

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  2. Yes, quite a makeover since the Mad O’ Rourke’s big pie days ! I see it still does the Desperate Dan pie, and faggots !

    Only drove past it on the A435 the other week, always tempted to pop in for a pie.

    Some good pubs in that village.

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  3. Morning Beermat, agree that Studley is quite underrated even though it has a good number of watering holes for a place of its size. HRH and I attended a pub-based festival there a few years ago – – which was great although perhaps not successful enough to arrange one every year. The Little Lark was probably my favourite that day having retained some Mad O’Rourke’s quirkiness, witty newspaper cuttings and such like. Cheers, Paul

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  4. BB I see your beermat somewhat disappointingly refers to the rather predictable Sea Salt flavour of crisps. Surely hamster flavour would’ve been more appropriate given that it is claimed that Freddie Starr was once a Studley resident !!

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