Tamworth Totter Part 2: Stumbling Over The Line

I know how much you enjoy a cliffhanger, so I’ve milked “The Tamworth Totter” for all it’s worth and the final part has been on hold for a month.

Of course, a lot has happened in the interim period, Birmingham City have won another home game, England have won two T20 series in Pakistan and Australia, Martin has completed the GBG and Paul WME has seen Wolves drop into the relegation zone.

Exciting stuff indeed but, as Tamworth Mark will testify, Staffordshire’s third best town with a castle and beginning with T, has a lot to offer.

Four pubs in and I’d yet to pay more than £3 for a pint but that finally changed as I entered the 765 – Sir Robert Peel B79 7BA.

A cracking pub with a top class gaffer who was pulling through a pint of Steerage (Titanic) for ages before serving another punter so I had to go for it.

£3.60 is still good value these days and this was a proper pub with bench seating, dartboard and beermats…all that you’d expect and I can see why this is a destination venue in Tamworth.

Next stop was 766 – The Globe Inn B79 7AT, which I knew was going to sell good beer as there was a bloke watering the hanging baskets outside…Paul WME knows this is true!

I was sporting a 2-Tone t-shirt and a youthful chap (well, about the same age as me!) struck up a great conversation.

He’d been to watch The Beat in Bilston recently and waxed lyrical about most of the 2-tone back catalogue for the next ten minutes…with the Jam, Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and Kinks on as a musical soundtrack it was hard to see how this pub could get any better…

However, it also had Bass on the pumps!  £3.70 for some absolute amber nectar whilst listening to top tunes and talking about the Midlands’ greatest musical export (don’t tell Mudgie).

This pub didn’t make the Ale Trail leaflet but was a belter as was pub number seven on this monumental day.

767 – The Tamworth Arms B79 7QL is in close proximity to a handful of tower blocks and has the look of a proper pub although it has had a terrific refurb inside.

It’s a decent looking pub that also sells food but you could tell it was #properpublife as the barmaid and gaffer were great value.

I mentioned that some of my pals were at work, and she responded in true punk rock fashion by giving them the middle finger whilst cajoling me into a bag of scratchings and pulled the pint of the day.

Old Hooky (Hook Norton) was magnificent and just in case I thought I might start to flag, this was crisp and quaffable. 

The gaffer talked to me about how he likes to “keep good cask” and the fact they only had two on is a wise move,

as less is nearly always best in these edge of town centre pubs.

Last stop of the day before jumping on the train was768 – The Tamworth Tap B79 7LR.

This has become arguably the place to have a pint of cask in Tamworth and I decided to have a pint of Jaipur (Thornbridge).

A geezer from Lichfield CAMRA sat next to me and waxed lyrical about dark beer and what a good pub this was. 

He was absolutely right and set over two floors it is well worth a visit.

He was also excellent company and ensured the day ended on a good note in what is the Tap House for the Tamworth Brewing Company.

So, there you have it, eight pubs in Tamworth serving some top-class ale and all the associated punters you would expect in a town centre topped off by top notch barstaff…

…what more do you want from a day out?

12 thoughts on “Tamworth Totter Part 2: Stumbling Over The Line

  1. Nothing more. Amazing how many places there are in the UK that one just doesn’t visit. The number of pubs here gives one real hope that pubs are hanging on.

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  2. An excellent post Beermat, and a worthy follow on to Part One of the “Totter.”

    I’ve only passed through Tamworth by train, and that was on the odd occasion when trains to Manchester from the “south” were diverted via the Trent Valley line.

    From your reports, it looks like a good location for one of the Beer and Pubs Forum’s “Proper Days Out,” although these seem to have largely dried up, post pandemic.

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    1. Good to hear from you Paul. It would be an ideal destination for a “Proper Day Out” lots of decent pubs selling cask in close proximity
      There are four more on the list I didn’t go to so plenty of options to quench the thirst!!


  3. The hanging basket theory survives intact then Beermat, but you can’t really go wrong with the Globe when the Bass looks as good as that. Pleased you managed to include the Tamworth Tap, was very impressed with that when I went back in August. Does this mean you haven’t yet been in the Old Bank House or the King’s Ditch? If so you’ve missed a treat with those two. I’m hoping Wolves foray into the relegation zone is only a temporary aberration but if they can’t figure out how to score more goals it could become a prolonged stay. Cheers, Paul

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    1. I’m still missing The Old Bank House and King’s Ditch so it will give me a good excuse to visit again and chat some Blues nonsense with Tamworth Mark! A good win for your boys over the weekend and if you’re replaced by the Villa in the bottom three then it could be interesting!


  4. Great read that Beermat and glad that Tamworth hosted you and your pals so well. Paul is right to point you in the direction of both The King’s Ditch and The Old Bank House and lack of an appearance of both The Sheriff of Tamworth and The Moat House were omissions as glaring as you not mentioning Warwickshire’s incredible final day heroics !! So there’s plenty for you to go at next time but be sure to give me a shout, my photo on your blog is still on my bucket list…yes, I know, my bar is set depressingly low unlike those at Hull City today. Have we got the makings of a decent team or is survival still the main aim?

    Once again congratulations on a couple of excellent posts and keep spreading the word, Tamworth is a great place to go drinking!!

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    1. How did I miss out Norwell!!! Good reminder and a big minus in the blogging stakes for me there! The photo awaits from outside a pub in one of those Tamworth suburbs….survival always the aim with such a thin squad but the last two games leave us looking like that is very achievable.
      I have to concur – Tamworth is a top place for a pint!


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