800 Up In Melbourne

As I finally clock up 800 pubs & clubs in the Midlands, I thought it would be good to celebrate with a trio in one of the best pub destinations in Derbyshire.

Melbourne has certainly lost a few pubs in the past 20 years but the beauty of the British pub scene is that there always entrepreneurs willing to take a dart on setting up a new venture.

Take 798 – Stable Ales Brewhouse DE73 8EN for example.  Melbourne Hall is a gem in this village and there are a smattering of independent outlets in its grounds with this Brewhouse being one of the latest additions.

It’s a grandiose setting and as far removed from the bustle of the village centre as you could imagine even though it’s only a stone’s throw away and has a mightily impressive church nearby as well.

Lots of keg lines and an attached bottle shop too, this is a place that attracts the discerning drinker

– like Minneapolis Dave or Martin – lads who like their DIPA’s and raspberry infused lager. 

There are lots of nooks and crannies and whilst it was quiet when I strolled in,

I suspect this place is ticking over nicely and is a good addition to the Melbourne drinking scene.

Talking of entrepreneurs, (a while ago now) then Matt, who has taken over the 799- Welcome Café DE73 8FE is a top class gaffer. 

Strictly speaking this isn’t a pub but it sells lots of bottled beers/cans from the fridge and has a burgeoning gin range (Mrs BB likes it) whilst Matt is a pub landlord in all but name.

I had to meet someone and needed a bit if space to write and, in true pub gaffer style, it was no problem for Matt who has the ability to make time fly when you’re in his company and is everyone’s mate.

It obviously sells coffee and cake and other such café style items but is doing a particularly good trade of an evening and is established as part of the Melbourne pub crawl scene.

A can of Happy (Cloudwater) left me feeling very happy indeed and, this is a place that has evolved from its origins ,into a licenced bar that is thriving.

Finally, 800- Bank of Beers DE73 8GN is a bit of a cop out but under pub blogging rules any pub that changes name counts as a double tick…this was known as The Chip & Pin for years and was on the site of an old HSBC bank but was taken over by Leatherbritches Brewery.

It shut for a refurb and they’ve made it a slightly bigger Micropub by using he back room and have also added a bar so table service has been replaced.

The original gaffer from The Chip and Pin was in there enjoying a pint of Amber Nectar so that is always a good sign and this was place was packed to the rafters.

Considering it was a Tuesday night at around 7pm this was pretty impressive albeit it probably holds about 40/50 people and they sold a cracking pint of Bounder (Leatherbritches)

But it’s good to see that these places are finding a way to survive and hopefully there will be another 800 in the pipeline over the next six years…

18 thoughts on “800 Up In Melbourne

      1. For a minute I thought you were in Australia, then I saw the beer list and I thought you were in the US. Took me a while to get orientated! Fruit beers should only be drunk in Belgium. New rule.

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  1. Congratulations on the landmark Beermat, here’s to many more. I do enjoy the beers of the Leatherbritches Brewery, sadly they are difficult to get in these parts however they always have a stand at the annual Tamworth Food Gusto Festival. Funnily enough ex Aston Villa winger Marc Albrighton was stood behind me in the queue at the Leatherbritches stand last year. Amazingly I was mature enough not to abuse him for his heinous crime of not only playing for them but also supporting them !!

    BTW have you seen this? How does The Square Peg make the cut?!!…


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      1. I believe it’s a cafe bar on Hurst St. Maybe it’s one of those that we stumble into on our walk back into town after one too many at the cricket !!

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  2. Greetings Beermat – it doesn’t seem so long since you racked up nos 600 and 700, so well done on completing your next century of pubs. Melbourne Hall certainly looks quite high end as a setting for a pint but I do like the look of that Bank of Beers place. Cheers, Paul

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