Rempstone’s White Lion Still Roaring

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (19).jpg

I love a good news story and a community run pub by locals is always great to hear.  217 – The White Lion LE12 6RH had fallen into disrepair when a group of four locals put in a bid for the boozer to keep it alive.

It’s a nice part of the world and the pub itself dates back to the 13th Century and finally reopened in December 2016 after a refurbishment and has an ACV attached to it.

Inside, it is a classic one-roomed village local and was packed to the rafters when I visited at around 4.30 on a Sunday with the beer garden outside equally full.

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18 (21)

If you look at the whatpub notes then it says it has no intention of becoming a gastropub and that was clear when I arrived.

However, it’s a quintessential British village with houses like this next to the boozer…

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18 (1)

..seats like this in the pub….

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (5).jpg

…it sells Draught Bass…

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (7).jpg

Has punters with dogs who are chatty and are full of life…

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (10).jpg

And is one of those places that you think should be in Leicestershire or Derbyshire but is actually in Nottinghamshire….

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (12).jpg

…has excellent reading material…

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (13).jpg

…and I thought I should emphasise again that it sells Bass!

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18  (16).jpg

The atmosphere was cracking when I arrived and an apologetic bloke at the bar had a greyhound and was like Ronnie Corbett in Sorry as he continually apologised for his dog being Britain’s best bar blocker.

Nonetheless, he was very polite and the whole pub felt like a drinker’s place, run by locals and everyone knew each other.

However, in amongst the chilled atmosphere there was a lad who was supremely chilled, rolling his own fags, and who had a visit from some other lads (all three were Brummies – a long way from home) and exchanged some cash before the other two lads left and he went back to his zoned out approach on the phone.

There were quite a few stares of consternation from the locals but it was the most trouble free pub you could imagine so the young Brummie went about his business (all legal I hasten to add) and the good people of Rempstone carried on drinking in the sun.

Rempstone White Lion 06.05.18 (19)

It’s great to hear of a community who have galvanised themselves and saved a pub that is clearly the focal (only) point of the village.

I reckon it might be a GBG contender in future years (it also sold Charnwood beer Rich) and is a success story in an era when boozers are biting the dust.  As Wolfie Smith once said…”Power To The People”

10 thoughts on “Rempstone’s White Lion Still Roaring

  1. “and has an ACV attached to it.”

    Pardon my ignorance but all I can think of is either apple cider vinegar or hovercraft (air cushioned vehicle). 🙂

    “with houses like this next to the boozer…”

    Definitely British. 🙂

    “…it sells Draught Bass…”

    That’s worth ten points right there!

    “…and I thought I should emphasise again that it sells Bass!”

    I’m sure Martin will get it the first time. 😉

    “(all legal I hasten to add)”

    If you say so. 😉

    “As Wolfie Smith once said…”Power To The People””


    And I don’t wish to sound flippant but with the way things are going it might be that those who want something are going to have to pony up or have skin in the game as we say over here. A local won’t stay local if no one patronises it.


    PS – “there was a lad who as supremely chilled,”

    Was a second time dear boy (and I wish that bloke ‘was’ somewhere else).

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    1. I always like to reassure Martin that Bass is definitely in boozer. And Ian and Mudgie for that matter! ACV = Asset of Community Value to make it more difficult to turn pubs into buildings used for anything other than being a pub


      1. “ACV = Asset of Community Value to make it more difficult to turn pubs into buildings used for anything other than being a pub”

        Thanks Ian. I couldn’t find anything on the Internet.

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  2. Did you ask the big question? Is it permanent? Looks like a cracker of a pub. I can’t see my list at the mo. But I think it’s on the list. I suspect there might be a few more Bass pubs on the Notts borders.

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  3. That pint of Bass looks well carbonated, bubbles forming on the inside of the glass. I would have instantly asked whether they use cask breathers. Not that I’m over bothered, but the release of excess CO2 gives the tell tale bubbles on the side of the glass. You can see they have dissipated on your later shots. Actually I am bothered because die hard real ale fans will hypocritically drink this but eschew much better crafted keg beers.

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  4. Bass is on the manual beer engine (as is the excellent Vixen) if you feel the need to check peek around the cellar door, it’s in the bar! In the winter the fires places at each end of the tiny bar means you are never more than a few feet from a real fire too.

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