Punters Not Fazed By Bass Drama In Three Horseshoes

My final leg of the Fazeley 2019 tour (sponsored by Coral bookmakers) -as the ultimate holiday destination near Tamworth – saw me shoehorn myself into a tiny little boozer with a cracking atmosphere.

354 – Three Horseshoes B78 3RD is a single roomed traditional classic pub that won’t need many people in to feel as though it’s full.

(Coral in the background, new sponsors of the blog!)

Fazeley Shoes 16.02.19  (5).jpg

As it happens, the place was heaving on a Saturday afternoon and standing room only as I arrived just in time to see a bloke in full West Bromwich Albion away kit regalia along with his son and other half shout “Yes, c’mon the Baggies” to no one in particular as the final whistle blew on their victory at Villa.

It was loud enough to get a few disconcerted looks but this place seemed relatively upbeat and a good natured “can we kick that f***er out, he should be banned” to the landlady with a resigned grin, was as much response as his outburst got.

Fazeley Shoes 16.02.19  (8).jpg

There was no standing on ceremony as, points in the bag, he was off with his clan leaving the rest of the pub fraternity to consider more important things than Aston Villa defeats such as the opportunity to consume Bass!

Fazeley Shoes 16.02.19  (6).jpg

There was also Scarlet Macaw (Oakham) on but in some places you just KNOW it’s going to be good, and so it proved here. I’m not going to spend too long on this subject, suffice to say it was excellent but Anheuser-Bush Inbev, who are the current hosts of this legendary brand have got right up the nose of the current chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Pete Brown.

I thought it was Rich Coldwell in disguise when I read the article in the Nottingham Drinker  which was reproduced from his blog and he makes some terrific points, which are hard to disagree with about this oft neglected brand.

Anyway, the upshot is you can expect to see some Bass beermats soon as they begin a ‘rebrand’ of a product that doesn’t need it.

(more betting slips)

Fazeley Shoes 16.02.19  (7).jpg

However, the punters in this place, which included Hi-viz jackets on a Saturday afternoon, were drinking everything and anything like all proper pubs should with the betting slips being pored over to great effect.

The landlord was chatting about Middlesbrough’s impending fixture at Blackburn and normal order was restored with Sky Sports on the TV and no one talking about the Six Nations.

There was a good crew of smokers outside and it had proper old skool opening hours of midday to 3pm in the week followed by a 6.30-11pm with all dayers on Friday-Sunday.

Slightly longer than your average Micro boozer but this place is doing a roaring trade and knows its audience.

Fazeley Shoes 16.02.19  (3).jpg

My cue to leave was when one of the bar flies broke wind which cleared about a ten metre radius but that shouldn’t detract from how friendly people were and happy to talk.

Excellent beer in all three boozers in Fazeley with a couple of other pub possibilities as well whilst the locals are great value.  I didn’t pay more than £1.75 for a half in any of the Fazeley trio (sounds like an eighties electro band) of pubs and they all looked as though they would get livelier as the evening progressed.  Well worth a trip down the Birmingham/Fazeley canal.

18 thoughts on “Punters Not Fazed By Bass Drama In Three Horseshoes

  1. Thanks for the Fazeley special, BeerMat. Great stuff. As Duncan mentioned, Longwood was in the Beer Guide, as was this one is simpler times (2004 !). Sounds like nothing has changed !

    Nearby Wilnecote very similar. Not sure if the Globe survives.

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      1. Unless something has changed very recently, the Globe at Wilnecote is still going strong and is a classic of its type – the Pedigree there is usually top notch and they shift a lot of it! A few years ago I was lucky enough to do the Globe and the Three Horseshoes in one memorable afternoon, the Bass and Pedigree that day seemed to be the very essence of Staffordshire. I’ve always liked Fazeley despite it having a few too many Villans (and Baggies by the sound of it) around for comfort.

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  2. The Three Horseshoes was the last pub we discovered in Fazeley…it was in 2006 when I happened to look behind the Tesco Express store, and there it was! We’ve been back quite a few times since and, you’re right, it hasn’t changed in character in all that time. A proper local boozer in an age when that’s a rarity!

    However, it would appear that it is still up for sale – https://realla-media.freetls.fastly.net/uploads/property/brochures/original/luzG5vI92prp-gZrMC-Kfw

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  3. Not read that article before, but I wholeheartedly agree. In current terms about ‘Provenance and Locality’. A Ford made in a Vauxhall factory is simply not a Ford, end of, same as Bass beer brewed in Marston’s beer factory is simply not Bass. Even more so when it’s owned by a global company who are more interested in marketing and leverage on the brand as Pete points out.

    You know you’re in a Shit Pub, however nice it is, when someone is ignorant enough to drop their guts at the bar!

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