Another Ten Midlands Towns To Drink In You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

After Dave and Dick decided to book their next trip to the UK and tour the ten hamlets/suburbs/towns/villages in the original of this series I thought I’d get their route mapped out for 2021.

Of course with Martin now blogging about more non GBG boozers than before then I suspect he will have been to most of these whilst Mark will have notched off all the East Midlands and Paul all the West Midlands ones…

However, same criteria as before;  they aren’t particularly well known hamlets/suburbs/villages/towns and contain at least three decent boozers…


Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19 (8)

AKA Birmingham’s answer to the LE67 postcode: even though it is next to Drayton Manor Park in Staffordshire.

Bass Houses, canal boozers and estate pubs all packed to the rafters make this a must visit place for any pub holidaymaker in the summer with the Three Tuns being the pick of the bunch.


hinckley pestle & mortar 15.01.19 (35)

This almost got a mention last time out but with Micropubs selling Bass, classic heritage boozers and a mix of old and new there is something for everyone.  Plenty to choose from but The Pestle And Mortar is worth a visit.



Craft Shirley 27.05.19 (21)

A suburb of Solihull in the West Midlands this has some crackers along the A34 with mobility scooters, sub £3 pints at non ‘spoons boozers, and a pub with the most retro front in the Midlands – The Red Lion.

Little Eaton


Three very different pubs in close proximity mean a crawl here is easily accessible.  On the way to the Valley of Beer in Duffield, this little suburb is still holding on to three boozers.

Balsall Common

BC Station 19.05.19 (6)

This well to do village between Coventry and Solihull with a train station has a couple of classic railway style pubs with one having Brew XI on tap.  A sprawling country boozer makes up the trio here.


Anglesey Stretton 17.04.19 (6)

A football fans away boozer, a Micro pub, a workers’ local with a bowling green and a new canalside boozer that serves gentle folk lots of beer, make a cracking mix in this suburb of Burton.


Shepshed Swan 05.02.19 (8)

With a pub selling Bass and welcoming ukulele players next to the gloriously named Butthole Lane where the football team play, then you know this is a classic pub town.    A keg only market square centre boozer along with a solid local showing sky sports and a chatty landlord mean you can’t go wrong.


Sawley White Lion 15.11.18 (13)

A classic drunken Brexit conversation between old boys swearing profusely over copious bottles of wine was a good introduction to Sawley.  Canal pubs, pubs with Derbyshire flags in abundance outside and a Brewery run pub mean there is plenty for all in this town on the Derby/Notts border.


Masons 19.04.18 (24)

Big suburb in Derby with a behemoth of a boozer in the middle full of locals watching sport whilst there is also a Bass House, a classic local and two estate pubs ensuring the whole suburb can have a drink if it wants!



A GBG boozer, Anna Soubry’s local and a classic local compared to the League of Gentleman by punters in the local rag mean this suburb of Nottingham is a real melting pot.  Other boozers on offer too and easy access on bus, train or tram.

All the boozers are on this blog so if you fancy a summer holiday these are definitely some of the tourist hotspots for 2019!!!


17 thoughts on “Another Ten Midlands Towns To Drink In You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

  1. “I thought I’d get their route mapped out for 2021.”

    And who knows? Maybe me for 2025. 🙂

    “AKA Birmingham’s answer to the LE67 postcode:”

    I was expecting the A514 to be in there somewhere.

    “with the Three Tuns being the pick of the bunch.”

    That rings a bell (after reading you lot for the last… few years?). 🙂

    “The Red Lion.”

    The Red Lion? That could be anywhere in the UK! 🙂

    “and a new canalside boozer”

    Is that the Mill House?

    “then you know this is a classic pub town”

    With a name like Butthole lane, you know they’re not afraid of anything. 😉

    “A classic drunken Brexit conversation”

    I think that’s going to be the norm for the next little while.

    “and two estte”

    What the hell’s an estte pub?
    (missing an ‘a’ is my guess) 🙂

    “Anna Soubry’s local”

    Is that a warning so we can avoid it? 😉

    “All the boozers are on this blog so if you fancy a summer holiday these are definitely some of the tourist hotspots for 2019!!!”

    As I said above; maybe 2025. 🙂


    PS – “and contain at last three decent boozers”

    Least, not last; and drop the extra space right afterwards. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good stuff here Beermat – I’ve done six out of the ten so far, including the East Midlands delights of Shepshed, Hinckley and Beeston (not bad for someone who mainly concentrates on the Black Country, that’s my excuse at least). Shirley seems to be getting better as a drinking destination although I don’t think it’ll be appearing in any WME top tens anytime soon. I may be more converted once I’ve done the Craft Inn, and the reopening of the Red Lion is great news – what a cracking flat roof frontage! All the best, Paul

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Red lion is an institution!! Shirley has two big roadside m&b boozers a spoons a keg only and two new craft bars plus a couple of dodgy backstreet ones in Solihull lodge! A good effort there pal 👍


      1. Shirley is also home to Bernie’s Off Licence, always worth a visit. The thought of dodgy backstreet boozers in Solihull Lodge has definitely got my attention (frantically does research to see if a – they have flat roofs and b – whether I might have done them at some point).

        Liked by 1 person

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