It’s Good To Be Back…Drinking In A Pub #2020

I’m so glad I had a fantastic day in the boozer today but why wouldn’t I? Honestly, some of the dross I read on Twitter from people sneering/judging/looking down on people who enjoy visiting a pub is unbelievable.

Screenshot (50)

If my blog wasn’t linked then I really wouldn’t use it as it is just a stream of judgemental bile.

Screenshot (51)

A bit like the modern day version of the football phone in on local radio back in the 80s/90s I guess.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (9)

Arguably some of the biggest offenders are beer snobs who would rather drink cans of 8% Cloudwater (no different to Special Brew back in the day) in their living room if they are honest than mix with the general public.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (13)

Crack on I say and let the rest of us enjoy the fact pubs have reopened and the world hasn’t ended.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (17)

In fact, I was feeling so decadent that I even managed to visit a new pub with a Leicestershire postcode.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (27)

It’s sandwiched between Ticknall in Derbyshire and Ashby De La Zouch in Leicestershire in some glorious countryside…of course it’s bound to be in the GBG next year so it’s not on a bus route just to warn BRAPA

Milking Parlour 04.07 (50)

Well, I say a new pub, but you know that this pub blogging lark means someone; usually Martin, Paul WME, Stirchley Pete or Duncan, has been to the pub before you.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (14)

Visiting the Tollgate Brewery Tap 556 – The Milking Parlour LE65 1RG one hour after it opened would normally be a safe bet.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (36)

However, Derby beer guru Colston Crawford wrote a top-notch piece for the local rag only yesterday so I can confirm he is always one step ahead of the game – read it here.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (2)

A 2.8 mile stroll from Ticknall High Street to Southwood House Farm on the Calke (Abbey) estate brings you to one of Leicestershire’s most picturesque settings for a pub.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (33)

Its name emanates from the fact it was a working farm with milking bays (see below),

Milking Parlour 04.07 (23)

which have now been transformed into an indoor drinking area.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (25)

Quite sensibly, this wasn’t in use when I rocked up with Mrs BB and two of the kids on Saturday and it was the beer courtyard that was in use, but what a terrific place to drink.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (30)

With plans afoot for food via a barbecue style area and working with the National Trust to use old buildings, I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (21)

Tollgate are always looking to expand and this place, the first one of their four boozers to allow kids and dogs, has found a massive niche in the market.

(barman surprised at soft drinks option)

Milking Parlour 04.07 (22)

I know from experience just how full the roads are around Calke Abbey of a weekend as walkers/cyclists and day trippers clog up many of the local roads and they were out in force at The Milking Parlour.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (39)

However, it is very civilised and people queued appropriately, waited their turn to go to the bar but chatted with the barman and other families/friends across tables – just like a proper pub should be.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (24)

The staff were wearing full visors and seemed happy whilst there was an abundance of hand sanitiser, as well as rules that everyone followed.

(Follow the arrows)

Milking Parlour 04.07 (35)

The beer was terrific and I had a pint of Ashby Pale…

Milking Parlour 04.07 (32)

… and Spring Bock

Milking Parlour 04.07 (37)

that were both top class (Mrs BB was behind the wheel) and a good hour was had by all.

(the perfect view)

Milking Parlour 04.07 (43)

Looking at the clientele and the potential market

Milking Parlour 04.07 (44)

then I think this place is going to be an absolute goldmine.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (49)

Anyway a near 6 mile country walk accompanied by cows…

Milking Parlour 04.07 (1)

…some impressive fungus..

Milking Parlour 04.07 (4)

and a pint ensured all of the clan were happy and actually planning their next visit to this pub.

(Hi viz jacket man definitely not reading Twitter)

Milking Parlour 04.07 (48)

What’s the problem with that!!! It’s good to be back..

18 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Back…Drinking In A Pub #2020

  1. Great post BBM, about what looks like a brilliant place to visit in the form of the Tollgate Brewery Tap. Glad that you and the family enjoyed your day out.

    These stay at home types really annoy me, as they’re happy sitting at home, furloughed by the taxpayer, getting their groceries delivered by others who have to go to work, whilst bemoaning the fact that shops and businesses are slowly being opened back up. Without a strong and vibrant economy we’re all f*cked, so they need to get over themselves!

    I’m so, so glad I haven’t got a Twitter account, btw!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Its great to see pubs open in England again,in Wales we have to wait and will have more restrictions such only being allowed to drink in open air areas which are already licensed so no taking over streets or car parkswhich are not already licensed. This is what comes of being ‘governed ‘ by people who seem to take notice of the idiots on ‘Twatter’ and believe that bogus ‘doctors’ and the like. Like many others in Cardiff and elsewhere in South Wales I am forced to conclude that our only place to drink will be across the border. By the way,having drunk both Special Brew and Cloudwater I believe Cloudwater is better but both are best enjoyed in the pub.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s a shame as we’ve got friends we visit regularly in cowbridge and Cardiff is my favourite city after Brum. Surely Wales will follow suit soon?? I like cloudwater too as great drink and was also partial to a bit of Kestrel Super back in the day!


  3. Well done, agree totally folk just love passing judgement and getting hysterical without actually understanding risk or reality.

    Sounds like you were ultra sensible and socially distanced, or was it really the “carnage” the grumps told us to expect?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No carnage at the brewery tap although very much middle Britain so queueing always a popular pastime! Mrs BB a former nurse and NHS Martin both happy in a pub so that sounds like a plan to me…


  4. Good post LAF.

    Great looking pub/tap and I thought it was refreshing how you shifted the emphasis from virus to fungus… 🙂

    I agree with your well argued points, but had a right thirst on by the time you got to the beer photos…;)

    If you could put one at the top of the post that would help – ta…;)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Virus to fungus was a subtle move spotted only by eagle eyed pub doyens like yourself!!! As you are back in the frame for top commentator I will oblige as you have to give the punters what they want. I am shameless like that!


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