Brum Station Pubs: Bristol Pear

Slade, Spencer Davis Group, Dexys, and ELO is the kind of playlist I can listen to before any sporting event.

Throw into the event glorious sunshine and the chance to visit a pub in Selly Oak mean it is heady days indeed in Birmingham.

The Commonwealth Games might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the Second City needed a boost post covid and it arrived with the Games.

Whilst there was plenty going on in the centre, one of the offshoots was Birmingham University hosting the hockey and squash.

I’ve not been to Selly Oak for years but there was a remarkable amount of footfall over the course of the Games and the 754 – Bristol Pear B29 6BJ was reaping the benefit.

Mrs BB had managed to get tickets for the Hockey Final and with free parking at Selly Oak Station then it was a no brainer.

Just after midday on the Sunday junior Beermat and me popped into the Pear and it whilst it wasn’t full by any stretch, the pool table as in use, punters were eating and drinking and the place looked in good nick.

A top notch pint of Astryd (Thornbridge) started the day well and a chat with the barman said they had more punters during the Gems particularly the Aussies who spent many evenings in there!

It’s a station pub of sorts and I suspect most summer nights are quiet as it’s heavily populated by students but this has been a timely boost.

The Hockey playlist was well worth listening to and the game was a great advert for live sport with a rendition of “Hockey’s Coming Home,” proving that football chants are permeating pretty much everywhere now!

There was even time for a bit of UB40 post match to top off a great Brummie day….

14 thoughts on “Brum Station Pubs: Bristol Pear

      1. Probably changed name late 80’s. Nan did the cleaning early morning then worked the bar in the evening while Grandad sat at the bar drinking Guinness. .

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  1. The studentisation (?) of the area early 90’s . Though to be fair it did see the rise of the brilliantly named cafe “The Selly Sausage” 😎

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  2. Another great post Beermat. I also remember this place when it was The Station, I seem to recall I had to play a Kofi Annan style diplomatic role when my pals and the locals had a disagreement as to how many shots you were allowed on the black !!

    The games were a credit to the city and some pre conceptions about the Birmingham from those outside of Brum have now surely been dismissed. Well done to all involved.

    Sad to hear about very uncertain futures for two of Birmingham’s finest hostelries The Prince of Wales, Moseley and The Woodman. It would be a great shame to lose them.

    Did you manage a swift half of an East Anglian tipple on your recent travels?!!! If you know you know. Taps nose.

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    1. I’ve got you down as a diplomat & wordsmith!!!
      Yes a massive blow and it looks like The Woodman is going for good…all that terracotta and lister Lea style gone in a heartbeat.
      I refrained last night – I need the occasional dry day in the hols 😃


  3. I must have somehow missed this post which it was originally published, but the Bristol Pear was one of the stalwarts of my University days (along with the Goose and the sadly departed Gun Barrels). Things are a bit more expensive in there now but still a good boozer. Cheers, Paul

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