Anchored In Newhall

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When the landlady welcomes you into the pub in her pyjamas then you know it’s going to be a friendly place.

Before anyone goes all Robin Asquith/Finbarr Saunders on me this was purely innocent (honest guv) but a cracking example of a pub that cares.

In fact, it cares so much it invites you in from the car park in your pyjamas and slippers!

As backstreet boozers go, 60 – The Anchor DE11 0EA is a belter and appears to be ticking over very nicely indeed.

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I rolled up for a pint but it looked as though the door was closed so I got back in my car and the aforementioned landlady said they were just about to open so I was in.  And I was soon joined by a steady stream of men and women on a Thursday afternoon in what all hostelry aficionados would call ‘A proper pub.’

Newhall isn’t necessarily the sort of suburb of South Derbyshire you would go looking for a drink in but this is clearly a pub with TLC.

From the pictures of Gresley Rovers team of 1921 on the wall…

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… to the well-kept conservatory and beer garden out the back this place looked like it had a lot of the local community using it.

Of course, in a pub, a good pint is always a bonus and when the barman pulled some Bass through before pulling (possibly) the first pint of the day it augured well.

It was an absolute belter and another reason why this backstreet gem is worthy of high praise.  Most of the other boys were drinking Carling, which is fine, but they still kept Bass to a top standard, which is no mean feat.  Throw into the mix that it was £2.50 a pint and what is there not to like?!  They’ll be jumping on their mobility scooters at The Plume Of Feathers in Shirley and careering up the M42 with those kind of deals.

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The language was industrial but there was lots of laughter and it was a welcoming place, in fact, the landlady was so relaxed she even went upstairs to get dressed and left me in the capable hands of her staff!

This was a top pub with cracking beer that I would recommend to anyone.  And further proof (if I haven’t laboured this point enough in this blog) that there is a market out there for pubs that care.

10 thoughts on “Anchored In Newhall

  1. “They’ll be jumping on their mobility scooters at The Plume Of Feathers in Shirley and careering up the M42 with those kind of deals.”

    That evoked an image that made me smile. 😀

    And totally agree on taking the time to care. Even more so when you’re not in a touristy spot. Cater to your community. True for any business really. 😎


    PS – apologies if the smiley faces look funny. Posting on my phone whilst down in Nanaimo (so can access the plethora of smiley faces), enjoying a pint before heading home. Well… a pint of IPA plus a small 7.5% Imperial Stout.

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  2. I did all pubs in Newhall on the 11th March 2006,plus picking up pubs not done in Church Gresley and Swad,i even walked to the Albion in Burton as it was one of the few pubs i had not done there.
    The Anchor only had Pedigree on the bar when i went there.

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