Rod Stewart, Name Dropping And The Roebuck

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (4).jpg

At what stage do rock stars lose touch with reality?  I think we can probably add ‘celebrities’ to that list too and that point was brought home to me by (Sir ) Rod Stewart as I was driving towards a cracking pub in Draycott In The Clay.

I liked Rod’s work with the Faces and “Stay With Me” is a classic blues tune whilst you can’t whack a bit of Maggie May and Rod the Mod was a legend in the seventies.

He arguably became more famous for dating Penny Lancaster in the eighties and beyond but he is still wheeled out onto ‘showbiz’ charity/gala/centenary events to belt out some tunes and is part of the ‘showbiz scene.’

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (26).jpg

Anyway, putting Rod into a bit of context, I was listening to TalkSport, which is my afternoon radio station of choice  and Hawksbee & Jacobs were away so Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein were on at about 2.00pm.

Cundy, a former player with Chelsea and Spurs was waxing lyrical about their defeat to Juventus last night and Rod called up the show to pass his opinion on the game.

All great so far and what could be better than having Rod Stewart on your show talking about football…it all started off so promisingly as he voiced an opinion about Spurs not starting the second half on the front foot and…this is when I realised he had lost touch with reality he (and I’m paraphrasing here) said “I turned to the guys sitting next to me and said they were going to lose if it carried on like this.  It was Michael McIntyre and Jude Law”

This clearly impressed one of the presenters who said “Wow” but is that really a wow moment?  If he’d have said he was sitting next to Glen Hoddle and Steve Archibald I might have given him the benefit of the doubt but this was just a rubbish name drop for no apparent reason other than to let us know how showbiz he is.

Sorry Rod, I would listen to Dennis Law talk about football but not Jude Law whilst McIntyre makes me laugh but I’m not interested that you were sitting next to him at a football game and demonstrating your tactical wizardry.

It’s all a bit ‘jobs for the boys’ and if I rang up a radio show I certainly wouldn’t tell the presenter that the two people next to me at St Andrew’s (John and Maggie as it happens) were hanging off my every word about all subjects as it’s of no relevance!

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (3).jpg


I seem to be ranting more and more on this blog recently but luckily for me I pulled into the car park of 172 – The Roebuck DE6 5BT and I had to listen to Rod’s showbiz tale no more.

Draycott In The Clay is a small village with a couple of boozers on the A515 that dissects it and its nearest major town is arguably Uttoxeter.

The first thing I spotted was a brand new brewery on the car park – The Roebuck Brewing Company – which started in July 2017 and supplies some cracking beers to the pub.

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (12).jpg

It’s been a boozer for over 200 years and was owned by Marston’s for most of that era until it was sold in January 2017 and then reopened roughly a year ago but I like the fact the current owners have kept remnants of the past alive

(in the gents loos!) 

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (10).jpg

and this…

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (11).jpg

…whilst at the bar…

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (6).jpg

However, this is very much a forward thinking pub and the signs say that Darren, Gill and Abbie are in charge and I presume it was Darren who served me and he was a bubbly feller who is clearly running a boozer people want to come to.

Firstly the Gold (Roebuck Brewing Company) was absolute nectar and at £3.00 very reasonably priced and with the Fats Domino number “Ain’t That A Shame” in the background along with other fifties/sixties blues numbers the atmosphere was perfect.

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (7).jpg

The bar and the dining area are separate rooms and whilst you can eat anywhere the bar area was clearly a pub albeit in a modern style (and decent opening hours!)

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (19).jpg

Apparently, the landlords ran the Coach and Horses in Abbots Bromley for over seven years so they clearly know their stuff and this place has had a lot of TLC and is a smart modern pub.

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (18).jpg

It wasn’t packed but for 2pm on a Thursday it was comfortably full with both rooms ticking along nicely and Darren in good form answering questions from fellow first timers about the brewery, checking with a regular that his food was up to scratch…

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (22).jpg

…and tempting another regular into one more pint from their on site brewery.

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18  (14).jpg

A good boozer that I could come to with my pals or Mrs BB and it would be a good experience and, if the Gold is any barometer of taste, I need to try their whole range of beers.

I may ring up Talk Sport to let them know I was drinking with … and … (fill in the blanks) and that the quality of beer was really good but, like Rod, that would make me sound like a bit of a numpty.

So, I’ll just suggest that if you want to check out a boozer that is clearly doing a lot of things right then The Roebuck is well worth the trip.

Draycott Roebuck 08.03.18 (25)

8 thoughts on “Rod Stewart, Name Dropping And The Roebuck

  1. The bitter is fine as well. One of the best run pubs that I have been to in the last year. The food is excellent as well but it cleverly keeps a decent sized bar area. One for RetiredMartin to do as a pre-emptive GBG tick.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First off, great write up. 🙂

    It looks a decent place; is the pub owned by the brewery or vice versa?

    Ok, I just looked at their website and it’s a keeper for sure; and the surrounding scenery is pretty nice as well. (thumbs up)

    As for your rant… pfft! It’s your blog, your rules. What better way to let off steam? (apart from going for a pint down the pub and doing it there of course!) LOL

    I’m getting more cynical as I get older (and I swear I heard my wife’s eyes roll at her hearing me type this!) but, truth be told, we all do the mini brag from time to time. Heck, I just posted a mini brag in a way on Paul Bailey’s blog about my wife being in Rwanda shortly after the crisis there back in the 90s’s. (blush)

    But, that being said, I completely agree about Rod name dropping Jude Law (I have no idea who Michael McIntyre is – snicker). Especially, as you pointed out, Jude has sweet FA to do with footy. If we ever have a chance to meet we could sink a few pints and lament on the fact that some people these days are merely famous for knowing other famous people (*cough* the Kardashians *cough*). 🙂


    PS – “very much a forward thiking pub”

    I ‘think’ you missed an ‘n’. 😉

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    1. The brewery is a separate entity on site I believe Russ … giving your Mrs a shout out for doing great work is s different kettle of fish to name dropping for the sake of it 😎 nice little boozer in a nice little village


      1. ” giving your Mrs a shout out for doing great work is s different kettle of fish to name dropping for the sake of it 😎”

        LOL, ok, that’s a fair cop. 🙂


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  3. Argh! Old age sucks at times.

    I forgot to mention, some celebrities handle it better than others (or at least appear to). My wife and I are currently watching episodes of a so-called “reality” show over here called “Better Late Than Never”:

    William Shatner, Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman traveling around Asia together (season 1) and now Europe (season 2). I have to admit for the most part I’m enjoying it. 🙂


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