Baby Boom In Whitwick

After a rare foray into literary waters in my last post normal service is resumed as I venture back into safe earthy pub territory and a visit to Whitwick.

The good old LE67 postcode usually comes up trumps and after a call from the Trades Description Act mafia, I needed to move back to safer ground.

Hare Whit 19.03.19  (13).jpg

Apparently Messrs, Taylor, Mackay, Mudgie, Thurman, Allen, Southworth, Shirley, Paul WME, Hermit, Bakes and Brews, Tovich and Everitt all complained to the PUB (Pub Union of Bloggers) that I had broken the terms and conditions of my blog by featuring a smart pub with a book club.

Only R Coldwell esq of Leeds was in my corner as I sought to elevate this blog to new levels.  So, suitably chastised, I left behind literary waters and searched out the mysterious City of Three Waters.

Hare whit.jpg

Apparently, despite its small size Whitwick was described locally as containing three cities.  City of the Dan is a street name next to The Three Horseshoes (or Polly’s) as it is known locally.


Hare Whit 19.03.19  (9).jpg

Which might explain the City of Three Waters but that still leaves us a city short and another curio of Whitwick is that every pub is known locally by a different name.

Take 371 – Hare & Hounds LE67 5AH for example, which is also known as Mary’s House after longstanding landlady Mary Joyce.    It’s situated on the (now) legendary City of Three Waters at the bottom of Dumps Hill, which is, apparently, all about framework knitting!

Hare Whit 19.03.19  (8).jpg

It’s situated not far away from The Man Within Compass/Rag and Mop (this is all getting really confusing now) and slightly away from the main centre of Whitwick.

However, there are plenty of houses nearby so opportunities to attract in punters although I was the first in at about 5.15 on a Tuesday evening.

Hare Whit 19.03.19  (2).jpg

The barmaid and her mate (not sure if she was a punter or staff) were having a classic conversation about a recent psychic night where the medium uncovered a spirit known as Terry!

I sensed an element of scepticism in their voices but they were happy to go along with his view that the pub was haunted.

Hare Whit 19.03.19  (16).jpg

It looks like it’s had a refurb recently as it was smart enough and a bit of a tardis with three rooms and a pool table and open mic night (looming) in the back area and a smart bar at the front as you walk in.

Hare Whit 19.03.19  (7).jpg

There were three ales on but the half of Landlord (Timothy Taylor’s) I had was a little tired (or first one out of the traps) but not quite poor enough to take back.

It was a good looking boozer and the welcome was very warm but I reckon the old adage less is more might be order of the day here for ales.

Hare Whit 19.03.19  (1).jpg

The conversation carried on apace and the young college age barmaid revealed that she was undertaking a midwifery course at the nearby Stephenson College and that four of the students were pregnant already!

A bit of active learning I suggested and she qualified it with “It is Coalville!” before unequivocally stating this was not a part of the course she was subscribing too!

Another good LE67 boozer that has plenty of potential although on this occasion the beer was not quite what the doctor ordered…



16 thoughts on “Baby Boom In Whitwick

  1. Classic line “It IS Coalville” 😉

    Nice carpet there 😀

    I remember once talking to a “ghost-hunter” in a now-demolished Stockport pub, and he said without any hint of irony “There’s hardly a pub in Stockport where there isn’t some evidence of spirits.”

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