Top 20 Pubs: The Swan, Milton

As us bloggers search for ever innovative ways to keep our posts remotely interesting I thought it would be a good time to continue the Top 20 Pubs series.

Ostensibly, I select some of the best I’ve visited in over 550 pubs and I can’t think of any better than The Swan.

So far, I’ve visited the King William in Milford before the legendary Stamford and Warrington in Coalville, whilst also flagging up The Lord Clifden in Hockley.


However, fourth on the list is a place I’ve managed to shoehorn in three posts about so far; which has included two different gaffers in that period, and it sells THE BEST BASS in South Derbyshire.


My first visit occurred just before Paul Young (yes, the Paul Young) played a charity gig in their behemoth of a beer garden.

26 Swan 8 17.08.17

This was an era of pianos

Swan Bass

and quality Bass…

The next visit welcomed in a new gaffer and, hard though it is to believe, the Bass has got even better.

Swan 21.07.19  (12).jpg

Lots of cash has been spent sprucing it up but, and this is a real boon, they actually stopped serving food, changed their opening hours to less frequent and found hugely increased trade.

Swan 21.07.19  (17).jpg

Bearing in mind Milton hasn’t got many chimney pots and is sandwiched between some cracking Derbyshire suburbs/villages.

digimap_for_schools 2

My final visit (actually there have been plenty but I can only blog so many times about one boozer) saw a live Oasis covers band singing in the car park.

Swan 21.07.19  (3).jpg

There is no direct bus/train route here but you can walk from Repton (30 minutes) or even march from Willington train station (about 50 minutes).

Punters are clearly prepared to travel and it is on the route of many walks so pulls in people from all over the county.


The beer is magnificent, it has a smoking area, a proper beer garden that kids can play in and just feels like a throwback.

If you visit one ‘country pub’ in 2020 (when they reopen) then make this the one.  You might even have the added bonus of seeing me as well!!






15 thoughts on “Top 20 Pubs: The Swan, Milton

      1. I’ve never been there, and I have to say I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about it, particularly on the National Bass Day Facebook group 😀

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