Top 20 Pubs: Stamford And Warrington, Coalville

The second in an occasional series and I have to say, it could be controversial.
By that I mean this really isn’t a pub for the faint-hearted.

Not in terms of hassle as it’s a friendly boozer but the decor is basic, the beer range limited and the gaffer sometimes wears a purple vest.

Throw into the mix pictures of Steve Bull on the wall in an ex mining village in Leicestershire and you can see this place isn’t easy to pigeon hole.

But, if you want to see proper pubbery then I can’t imagine there is a place in the Midlands to rival this and as this post said, they breed them tough in these parts.

It has three Pedigree handumps and it is absolute nectar.


Sky sports, a darts team and a constant hive of activity mean this place is never dull and a true pub in the sense of the word.


I’m not sure how long it will stay in this guise but I can’t begin to describe just how unique this place is.


I had the added bonus of meeting pub blogging guru Martin on one of my visits – read about it here  and he was soon wooed by the charms of Coalville’s best boozer.

If you visit one pub in Leicestershire then ignore the GBG and make it this one…

12 thoughts on “Top 20 Pubs: Stamford And Warrington, Coalville

  1. After a few years failing to get to the S&W, I finally managed a pint a year or so ago. What surprised me was not so much the somewhat un-PC stuffed toys, or the vest, but the size of the place. I’d assumed there was a full width bar at the front, and maybe another bar going back to the rear of the pub. I never had it down as the one room pub it is now.

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  2. It was going so well until “If you visit one pub in Leicestershire then ignore the GBG and make it this one…” With the best will in the world, or Leicestershire, I can’t put it before The Ale Wagon, Leicester; The Waggon & Horses, Ibstock or the Three Horseshoes, Whitwick.
    However, this is a very subjective hobby. Cheers!

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    1. I have to say the W&H was outstanding and will probably be in my top 20!!! £ Horseshoes also very good and I’ve only been to the Ale Wagon once and I was in a group and it was just OK on that occasion…but it is a proper pub!
      Your tips are legendary Pete


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