Station Pubs #2: The Jolly Anglers Beeston

I know both Martin and Mudgie have commented on just how good pubs are at present…but also how the lack of custom might be a huge problem.

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (22)

Take Beeston for example.  A cracking Nottingham town with pubs aplenty and arguably the nearest to its station being 566 – The Jolly Anglers NG9 1JS.

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (1)

Beeston Rylands is its official postcode and this is the ‘marina’ area of Beeston around the lock encompassing Beeston canal and not far from the River Trent of course.

However, the Jolly Anglers looks just like a big estate boozer and a traditional no nonsense ‘station pub.’

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (9)

Martin noted just how good the beer is, how friendly staff and punters are…

(pictures and words from Martin’s blog)

Screenshot (73)

… but the gentlefolk and old boys are missing.

(Hearts, Hibs and Hi Viz jackets)

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (3)

Mudgie agreed and also pointed out how hard it is going to be to turn the tide,

(From Mudgie’s latest blogpost)

Screenshot (74)

but I am ever the optimist.

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (7)


12:30 on a Wednesday isn’t renowned for being prime pub time and there was me, one other punter and the barmaid in the Jolly Anglers but it is a classic local.

(like most things inside No 10 over the years!   Posh toilet door)

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (5)

Dartboard, pool table, jukebox, quiz nights, two rooms, beer garden, hanging baskets, framed Forest shirts and memorabilia all over the walls, bench seating, Sky Sports and a Hi-viz jacket (from the other punter).

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (4)

What more do you want?  Hearts were beating Hibs on Sky Football and I ordered a cracking pint of Harvest Pale (Castle Rock) for only £3.10, which is the cheapest pint I’ve had PPL.

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (15)

Relaxing, safe and lots of messages to wash your hands along with a friendly atmosphere…this is how pubs should be…let’s hope more people trust them.

Jolly ANglers 22.07 (26)

A former Home Ales Brewery tied house it just oozes pubbery but, like most places, could definitely do with a few more punters and there are plenty of chimney pots nearby to make sure The Jolly Anglers retains its position as Beeston’s station boozer.

7 thoughts on “Station Pubs #2: The Jolly Anglers Beeston

  1. Jolly Anglers is a decent enough pub, but the closest to Beeston Station is The Victoria, which has a gate into the garden directly of platform 1 !
    Also near the Anglers is another good pub, The Boat and Horses. Worth a look.
    Enjoy you reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beeston really is a beer hotspot. Lots of pubs here haven’t reopened yet. Some people are perhaps still nervous of congregations, especially if they are in a ‘vulnerable’ category. It would become more worrying if people have got used to drinking cheaper beer at home.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a concern and hopefully places will reopen. Quite a few city centre ones not opened here but most have started up…let’s see how long they last.
      Beer much cheaper at home but no fun at all drinking at home.
      I didn’t realise Beeston was quite so big and pub laden but there appears to be an inexhaustible amount of boozers

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for pointing out there is pub life on that side of the tracks. One of my Beeston favourites is The Hop Pole on the border of Beeston & Chilwell. (In fact there are two road signs outside the front of the pub.)

    The tram to Toton passes outside.


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