They Like A Joke At The Oak

One pub that didn’t make it onto Burton’s prestigious Ale Trail is a favourite of one time Burton boy The Wickingman.

Of course, we all know he likes dabbling in gastro Peak District/Brunning & Price style pubs these days but, there was a time, he liked nothing more than a pint of Pedigree or Bass in a basic Burton boozer.

The Ale Trail was great with 14 of the finest Burton has to offer but there are a good dozen or so that didn’t sign up and are well worth a visit.

687 – The Oak & Ivy DE14 2DP is a classic mid terrace local on the edge of the town centre doubling up as one of the friendliest pubs I have been in for years.

Mrs BB had made the fatal error of sending me into Burton to buy some gubbins from B&Q and, as pub blogging law 17.6 decrees, “All bloggers must use every domestic trip to the shop to stop off for a pint at the pub.”

So, just to make sure I didn’t fall foul of Taylor, WME, Mudgie, Bailey, Allen, Thurman, Mackay and (Real/Corby) Mark, (Tamworth) Mark, I thought I should pay a visit to The Oak & Ivy.

As I approached the bar the landlord and landlady had a comedy argument over who was going to serve me and that set the tone really as all the punters were friendly and the conversation ranged from all the topics you’d expect from the front bar of a locals pub in Burton.

A pint of Pedigree (Marston’s), which was excellent…

…and it looked as though that was the tipple of choice along with Foster’s and a pleasant half hour was spent in the bar.

Someone decided that motorcycling would be a better bet than football on the box but no one seemed to care really and everyone was so jolly I didn’t want to upset the apple cart by checking if Birmingham were four goals down at half time.

A solid, basic pub that is surviving well. All the punters said goodbye when I left as did the gaffers and with plenty of chimney pots in this part of Burton, hopefully it will be serving pints of Pedigree for many years to come. 

8 thoughts on “They Like A Joke At The Oak

  1. I am struggling to keep up with all these updates BB, at least it’s a welcome distraction from Blues’s current goalscoring woes.

    The latest offering looks a proper, no frills, back street boozer, no fancy 2/3’s of craft beer here. Great to see that some of these places look to have survived the worst of the pandemic.

    Talking of 2/3 measures of craft beer I see that Sommar Brewery are opening another venue in Birmingham city centre (on Waterloo Street) later this year to add to the one they’ve already got by the NIA (or whatever it’s called this week) as well as the one in Solihull. You’ll be up to four figures soon at this rate !!

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    1. I’ve had a lot on the back burner since the summer and as I’ve got a week off I’m clearing the decks! Yes it’s an old school Tamworth style local with pedigree the craft option!
      Like the sound of that…yes if I can reach 1000 I might call it quits!


  2. Keep posting, BeerMat, these are just the right length for me and I love the photos and observational detail.

    Tamworth Mark should get an intern, perhaps Corby Mark, to read them for him and stop whingeing !

    When the Oak & Ivy had a spell in the Beer Guide I recall it being as basic as the Derby Inn, and comparable with the Stamford & Warrington!

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  3. When we moored at Shobnall Basin this summer, the Oak & Ivy was the perfect stop off for a sit down and a pint on the way to The Cooper’s Tavern…and for a quick one on the way back as well! It is the perfect example of an unpretentious back street boozer that has a welcome for anyone and everyone.

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