A Week In LE67 – Part 1

It’s been a long time since I last posted…20 days to be precise, which is an unwanted record on Lifeafterfootball.

In fact, rumours abound that even Russ was still commenting on my posts it was that long ago so I really need to up my game.

However, remote PE teaching means planning lessons on video and then sitting behind a laptop for most of the day so the last thing I want to do is…sit on my laptop and wax lyrical about non-existent pubs.

Nonetheless, I noticed I still had some form of readership when I checked the stats and they don’t want melancholic soul searching – they can buy Bob Dylan records for that.

So, without further ado, it is time to bring you a week in LE67. Yes, that’s right, the postcode that doesn’t possess one train station, but has thousands of chimney pots, some surprisingly good countryside and masses of former mining stock.

(Coalville’s Clock Tower War Memorial)

24 New Inn 1 17.08.17

I think the fact there is no easy access for anyone outside of these old mining towns themselves gives this postcode such a unique group of boozers. Yes, it has its upmarket gastropubs…but not many and it also has an abundance of pubs that you won’t see anywhere else in the Midlands.

So with travel options limited then I suggest staying at one of those budget B&B’s so beloved by Martin. You could always stop at the Broadlawns B&B in London Road Coalville so you are right at the epicentre of this magical postcode.

Monday – Coalville
A bit of breakfast on Monday morning and then head straight for The Stamford and Warrington.

If there is an earthier boozer in Britain than this, I would be amazed. It’s actually on the main drag in Coalville but feels so far off the beaten track it’s untrue.

Landlord in a vest, three hand pumps all dispensing Pedigree, calendars with Steve Bull on the wall and a vociferous darts team only scratch the surface of a magnificent local.

The gaffer, an exiled Wolves fan, runs it superbly and it won’t be like this forever so enjoy it whilst you can. With it being a midday opener then there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the delights of Coalville’s finest boozer.

Coalville x1

It’s unlikely you’ll grow tired of this place but if you want a change of scene then head centrally towards The Monkey Walk, who had a Bob Flemming soundalike when I visited.

Monkey Walk 01.02.18 (5)

Having necked some cut price Ruddles you could walk back towards your digs and stop off at the Snibstone New Inn.

24 New Inn 10 17.08.17

Not only is there a terrific Turkish barbers a couple of doors away but this place also has as much sport on as you could wish for with Monday Night Football a possibility and sub £3 pints of top notch ale.

24 New Inn 3 17.08.17 - Copy

You can then finish the night off in The Leicester Inn.

A Bass paradise allied to some raucous banter means this place is well worth a visit and gives you a taste of Leicestershire’s best postcode for pubs.

Coalville Leics 23.05.19  (2).jpg

Tuesday – Whitwick
Take you pick here: you could walk off Monday’s excess with a decent trek to the town with unusual pub names and a veritable array to choose from.

I went to the Three Horseshoes with Martin and it is a backstreet local of this highest order.

Three Horse SHoes 17.08.18  (10).jpg

Including racing tips from a local, disgruntled gentlefolk who had arrived expecting a meal and were put out when they discovered crisps was the only thing on the menu….

Three Horse SHoes 17.08.18 x2 (3)

oh yes and it also sells Bass.

(The Black Horse gets festive)

Black Horse 05.12.17 (4)

The Black Horse has live sport on the television so when you’re having that afternoon lull you could tune into anything although the racing channel was particularly popular.

The Lady Jane will give you a chance to have a bit of a stroll as it is tucked away on another estate in Whitwick and doesn’t open till 5;

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (20).jpg

but the beer is class and there are pool tables, dart boards and even a gun and pellet club in a pub that is well worth a visit.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (26).jpg

Final boozer of the day is a chance to explore the outskirts of Whitwick and take in Man Within Compass,

which wins an award for having the best jukebox of any pub in Leicestershire with “Sound of the suburbs” by the Members blaring out.

Compass 19.03.19  (11).jpg

Wednesday – Ibstock & Heather

A trip to Ibstock is next on the agenda and you might be able to watch some football at either Heather St. John FC or Ibstock United if they are playing but you can definitely warm up at the Waggon And Horses as it opens at midday.

Recommended to me by Shepshed Pete this place was one of the funniest boozers I’ve been into since I started blogging with some proper Hi viz jacket, no nonsense conversations…

Waggon and Horses 06.11.18  (7).jpg

and a pint of Bass that was sensational.

You might as well pop into The Whimsey Inn as well as this sports a huge LCFC flag and has wall to wall sport on.

Crown 21.08.17 (32)

Heading back towards Coalville and you can check out two tidy pubs in Heather. The Crown has a motorbike in the roof,

Crown 21.08.17 (39)

sells Bass whilst possessing some great internal breweriania,

Crown 21.08.17 (13)

and is as old skool as they come.


The Queens Head just 200 yards away sells food but don’t labour under the impression this is anything but a locals boozer.


I had a tot in there on a Monday night and there was a character with a pot on his head walking round creating a lot of laughs.

Next up is the second part of my bid to become ambassador for the LE67 tourist board…

12 thoughts on “A Week In LE67 – Part 1

    1. Sun always shines on the righteous! It’s a well hidden sun trap with direct flights from east mids airport 😄 apparently Monday night football is an old fashioned thing that used to happen. I read it in a history book somewhere

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Apparently it is a game people used to play a long time ago. Scarcely believable I know but people actually paid to stand in big crowds with no social distancing measures…apart from Villa Park of course.😎


  1. If only there was a station nearby…I’d have advocated LE67 as a candidate for the next Proper Pubs Day Out (sometime in 2023). Plus, you’d need to lay on a fleet of mobility scooters to cover the distances!

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