Shhh – it’s Shustoke

With my party hat removed after a pint of Pedigree in Staffordshire it was time for a quickfire ten minute pint in Shustoke.

That’s right, the good old days of “a swift one” and I mean a swift one as I was on an errand for Mrs BB with time constraints!

(oh yes…)


Shustoke 27.07.20 (4)

However, with my summer tour of the M42 not yet complete, there was still time to visit another hidden gem in the hinterlands of Coleshill.

Recent stops at The Green Man in Coleshill, The Railway in Whitacre Heath and The White Swan in Kingsbury saw proper pubbery of the highest order in this often overlooked area for pub tickers.

Shustoke is a small village just outside Coleshill heading towards Coventry with less than 600 potential punters.

Shustoke 27.07.20 (12)

The Griffin Inn has been a longstanding entrant in the GBG so obviously I decided to choose the other pub in the village.

However, 573 – The Plough B46 2AN is none too shabby and I know it is a renowned Bass house.

Shustoke 27.07.20 (15)

200 years old and situated nicely on the village green, this is one of these multi-roomed classics with low ceilings and plenty of punters inside and out for a midweek early evening.

In true Birmingham overspill fashion there were a couple of likely lads outside who I wanted to confirm were sitting by the entrance post covid era and they assured me I could use the door for a tenner!

(one for the Maltmeister)

Shustoke 27.07.20 (14)

There were lots of reserved table signs around the boozer with a good crowd outside in the back beer garden and dotted around various rooms.

Oh yes, the Bass.  What can I say?  I’m not making this up but it was absolute nectar and I can confirm the ten minute deadline was no hardship.

It was the best pint of Bass I’ve had since The Plough Inn…maybe all pubs named The Plough have to sell absolute nectar Bass in the Midlands?

(Bass is a fish – one for the gag police)

Shustoke 27.07.20 (7)

I don’t often get the fish in a tank to enjoy whilst I’m necking Bass and the last thing for me to do was to check out the ‘Plough Pod’

Apparently The Pod has a docking station for music (although no Toto is allowed Mudgie) with built in heaters and can accommodate up to 12 people…next BPF Big Day Out?

(The Pod)

Shustoke 27.07.20 (2)

A minimum £100 spend might put the kibosh on that idea although it’s a new one on me and doesn’t detract from a cracking old boozer that sells Bass.

If you’ve not yet visited J9/J10 of the M42 (Coleshill and surrounding areas) then you are missing out as there are some corking pubs selling great beer.

Year 4 of blogging starts today – and it’s a great start!  What a time to be alive

12 thoughts on “Shhh – it’s Shustoke

  1. Plenty of childhood memories of the 70s and 80s for me on your blog lately: my dad loved real ale (still does) but we lived in Marston Green, so we’d often be driven out to the Green Man in Coleshill, Bull’s Head in Barston, White Lion in Hampton-in-Arden and the Plough at Shustoke; all Bass strongholds in those days.

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    1. I didn’t know all of those places sold Bass!! I lived in Hobs Moat in my youth so a trip out to Hampton In Arden or Barston felt like the most remote place in Britain.
      My mate’s dad used to run the Good Companions in Yardley but got the relief managers job at Bulls Head in Barston and I remember having a lock in there around 32 years ago and it felt like a million miles away from home!
      Your dad is clearly a wise man who likes a drop of the good stuff and took you to some great places…any chance of the Marston Green Tavern getting any cask ale on?
      Cheers for your comments as always appreciated.
      Here are blogs on Hampton and Barston from a while ago


  2. What a recovery after a pint that was ‘lacking Pedigree’.

    RM says he spotted those pods near Alton Towers – could they be from the Alton Towers adventure park’s cable car…? Either that or the Millennium Wheel is missing a few…?

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