Happy Birthday! Three Years Today – Celebrating in Rolleston On Dove

Three years ago today I posted my inaugural blog – August 1, 2017.  That first month of blogging was a riotous affair as every boozer in the Midlands was fair game and 571 boozers later there has been some good memories.

August 2017 threw up some gems although comments were as rare as hen’s teeth back in the day – so in a blatant plug to attract a few more comments – I’ve tagged and highlighted a few of those long forgotten posts.

(Rolleston on Dove – quintessential British village)

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (20)

It all started in Hartshorne and other Derbyshire favourites such as South Normanton and Fenny Bentley came up with the goods.

Ravenstone was arguably my first real basic boozer and I soon discovered Leicestershire had them in abundance as I found out in Smisby and then completed the Stuart Broad trail in Oakham and Wymeswold.


Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (24)

Not forgetting of course a day at the cricket which saw me visit a couple of Birmingham boozers and a legendary Moseley pub.

However, it wasn’t all joy as there was an early indicator of the cask lottery as I met up with some dodgy pints at a pub on the edge of a retail park in Branston.

So, what better way to celebrate a third birthday the by visiting a pub where the post covid cask revival ground to a halt.

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (16)

572 – The Spread Eagle DE13 9BE is an absolutely gorgeous looking pub in the middle of picturesque Rolleston on Dove in Staffordshire.

The River Dove must have some of that good Burton Union water that they transport to Wolverhampton to make Bass and Pedigree, so all the ingredients are there.

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (27)

A church, two boozers, a cricket club and around 3,000 punters living in the village so plenty of scope to pack out The Spread Eagle,

A vintage Inn is normally about as appealing as Martin’s favourite chain, Brunning & Price, and The Spread Eagle currently finds itself in this M&B incarnation.

(man checking price of Doom Bar)

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (4)

As I said it’s a great looking pub and I had to queue at the door but the welcome couldn’t have been warmer.

The gaffer took my name and proceeded to call my by it whilst I was there as he put me into a table in the corner away from anyone.

(three other punters and an average Pedi)

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (13)

A bit like GK, you don’t quite get the feel of pub life returning as yet but I do respect that viewpoint as I’m glad pubs are open again.

Vintage Inns always feel a bit like an eating place where you can pop in for a drink if you want but there is less of a drinking area set aside.

(view from table 19)

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (11)

I reckon there were about 20 people in, which isn’t bad at all for a Sunday evening with a couple of punters in the back beer patio as well.

(as good as it got)

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (8)

I’m really not a fan of being shoehorned into a table and then table service brought me over a Pedigree (Marston’s) which was tired and not off, but not sparkling by any stretch.

Spread Eagle 26.07.20 (29)

Staff were incredibly polite as I paid by card with my table number (think it was number 19 again bizarrely) and I can’t fault them.  But if this is the future of pubs then I’m not sure I’d be such an enthusiast.

It is probably a place I’d come to eat with Mrs BB and the kids but that River Dove water just isn’t as good as the River Trent!


22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Three Years Today – Celebrating in Rolleston On Dove

  1. I always feel guilty when I’m not up to date with your posts but then I’m pleased I’ve something more to read.

    If I was recommending a blog style to emulate to a young pub blogwhippersnapper (under 45) I’d pick yours and Duncan’s (but he overdoes the moths).

    Short enough for a 5 minute read, conversational style, good use of photos, before and after pint, context for the pub but not loads of pointless history, leaving me wanting to go to a pub !

    Keep them coming !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great question….Using Hugh’s rules I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface..
      Shropshire, Worcestershire and Nottinghamshire need some serious inroads so I may need to get creative with my travelling to ink in some of those areas 👍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday and well done BB!

    Really enjoy your posts and look forward to many more years of perfect pints and pubs from that world epicentre of the art which is the Midlands. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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