Eye Of The Tiger

For whatever reason, Everards don’t always get a good press amongst beer bloggers.  However, not only do they deliver good quality cask, they also own a stable of local pubs and were responsible for Project William, which bagged them a CAMRA award.

You can be pretty sure that whenever you visit a Leicestershire suburb or the city centre you will come across an Everards boozer or a pint of Tiger.

I’m still a fan of BBB and Tiger is as Leicester as Gary Lineker, Willie Thorne, Walkers Crisps, Pork Pies (Melton Mowbray) or… erm… David Icke.

A recent visit to Oakham for work meant I had the chance to test this theory out and popped into 757 – The Wheatsheaf LE15 6QS.

There was a group outside who might have been waiting for a game of doms with Corby Mark and it was good to see a core of locals sitting at the bar having a proper pub style conversation.

A Thursday afternoon saw a good smattering of punters in and it felt like a proper pub that catered for tourists and foodies as well as keeping an eye on the local wet trade too.

A top-notch pint of Tiger (Everards) saw a good half hour spent in this boozer before heading off to the next port of call and a glorious little village known as Whissendine.

If Nick, who writes the beer blog, Prop Up The Bar, was looking for proof that magnificent hanging baskets = good cask ale then then he needs look no further than the 758 – White Lion Inn LE15 7ET.

This is well off the beaten track and perched between Oakham and Melton Mowbray and is a pub with en suite bedrooms, restaurant and is a great example of a pub evolving to survive in 2022.

The barmaid was in good form and revealed she had sent the gaffer off to deal with some rogue wasps before setting up an ‘arty’ picture of Tiger beermats, pint of Tiger and Everards handpump to give the obligatory LifeAfterFootball photo a bit of glamour – judge for yourself.

The chatty barmaid set the tone for a friendly pub  and was backed up with a conversation between two septuagenarian ladies who lunch, around women’s football – it really did come home you know.

Two perfectly good pints of Tiger in two Everards pubs on a glorious August afternoon shows life in Leicestershire is as good as a Sue Townsend book (answers on the back of a postcard please).

14 thoughts on “Eye Of The Tiger

  1. Yes, very glamorous shot.

    Do you need a passport for Rutland these days ? Nice pub, last in the Beer Guide a decade ago but almost certainly as good as ever, like Everards.

    Love the photo of the gentlefolk approaching the door; shows the pubs is welcoming to older folk as much as young hipsters like you.

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  2. Well this may be a first, a comment on your blog written as the contributor donates plasma !! I couldn’t wait any longer though I saw the word glamour in the same sentence as Life After Football and feared your account had been hacked !!

    Is it just me or does anybody else’s thoughts go back to Larry Grayson’s imaginary friend when discussing this fabulous Leicestershire beer?

    How could you miss Mark ‘Return of the Mack’ Morrisson from that list of Leicester luminaries?!!

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  3. It was more a reference to Everard, not sure how well it ages but it was a different time back then….Blues were in the top flight for a start !!

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  4. Not long after I moved to Leicester, I was faffing around at the bar, and a colleague said “Just order Tiger. Its always the same and its always decent.” Wise words.

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  5. Hi Beermat, don’t mind a drop of Tiger on the relatively rare occasions I venture across to Leicestershire, Everards’ beers can be quite underrated as you say. I think your hanging basket theory is worthy of further interrogation but the logic is sound, a good marker of a well-cared-for pub. Cheers, Paul

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    1. I reckon the hanging baskets theory is a winner! Was in The Falcon in Hatton today…with good hanging baskets …and I took is pint back and they changed it no bother for a cracking substitute!
      It’s a bit of a jaunt for you but lots of decent pubs round there


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