Everyone’s A Winner In Winster

The Peak District and the Derbyshire Dales takes some beating for natural beauty.  It should also be noted that it possesses some first rate pubs. I don’t mean one of your new found Micros but rather your steeped in history stone built crackers that just ooze proper pubbery. The sort of places that Dick and… Continue reading Everyone’s A Winner In Winster

Don’t Call Me Shirley: Part 1

This is, of course, one of the many classic lines from Airplane, starring Leslie Nielsen of Naked Gun fame.  A top movie of its time and still guaranteed to raise a smile in the LifeAfterFootball household. Before Garden Hermit gets too excited this isn’t a post about boozers in Shirley, Southampton nor is it a… Continue reading Don’t Call Me Shirley: Part 1

Over 30’s Night At The Billesley

This title was put in to celebrate the long awaited return of Russ to the comments section and pays homage to a  legendary night back in bygone Brum. Before that though, due to popular demand from both Pete and Paul, I am showing the route of the Number 11 Ale Trail.  They both mentioned in… Continue reading Over 30’s Night At The Billesley